Understanding Google Blended Results

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Blended results are very important based on what type of business you are. Let’s look at blended results and see how you can take advantage of them. First of all blended results are based primarily on the intention of the searcher.

Depending on the words searchers use, the search engines try to interpret what they are looking for. So they’re looking at an information-based search. They’re looking to see if this user is perhaps interested in movies, hotels, restaurants, products.

Based on that type of information, they are going to change the display of the search engine results. Also what the search engine takes into account is the searcher’s location, so if you’re in Edinburgh searching for a locksmith, you’re going to see different results than if you were in East Lothian searching for the same exact thing. Your search history also plays a part in the types of results you are going to see. The search engines try to learn what you predominantly search for. In doing so, that way when you perform a search, they’ll use your history to see what you’ve searched on in the past. Your search history is used by the search engines to figure out what types of results to show you as you search now. Your search history can come in and affect the results that you see that no one else will see, based on your personalisation.

Let’s look at how blended results can change. For example the search for ‘Hogmanay fireworks,’ you get the images, video and it’s all based on the words that are used. The search engine is interpreting what it is you’re looking for and then provides you media that will match that. If we look for ‘Edinburgh train station,’ based on that search the search engine Google, is going to show you customer assistance numbers, the address of Waverley Station, and how to get in touch with British Rail. You can also figure out where you can get your tickets; and can see where you go via maps, and so all kinds of information is available to you, to show how to find railway information in Edinburgh.

Google blended results

You can also use this in searching for information about your favourite football team. Hearts are not my favourite football team but we’ll stay with the Edinburgh theme. If you want to know about Hearts or any other team you can get a quick look at their next match, you can give an overview of the team and the players on the team, what positions they play. You can also get news for your favourite team from a multiple list of sources. Also, you can find out your team’s past match results with dates and information on their stadium, important club dates, and current manager.


Maybe you’re interested in going to the cinema, so you type in ‘Edinburgh movies.’ Here you can see all the latest movies in Edinburgh across the top of your results you’re also going to see what movies are playing at certain cinemas you can also click and see the trailers and see the listings from movie theaters in the area both by map a and by location.


When you are searching for a restaurant, Google really excels in this, and the search engines are putting a lot of emphasis on this. Just by searching for a restaurant in the West End of Edinburgh, I can find maps; I can find all the restaurants that are in the area, I can get addresses, phone numbers, hours that they are open and immediate access to reviews.

If I ever want to know how to do something go to a search engine. We live in an age where every answer that we would ever want is available on a search engine. If want to know how to change your oil? Type in ‘how to’ and what you want to do and you can see videos or you can read about how to do it. It’s up to you.
I mentioned earlier that the search engines use location data so a search for a bed shop in Corstorphine, Edinburgh shows Corstorphine Bed Centre as being number one. If you search for a bed shop in Leith, you’re going to get a different result being number one.
Personalisation is going to move its way into the search results. If I’m looking to see what result is shown for ‘seo,’ included in my results are Google Plus articles for SEO Edinburgh and this information is influenced by what I see in my search results. This is because I’m logged into my google account. We are going to be seeing more and more of these personalisation customisations in your search results as time goes on.

Blended results can be video, images, maps, locations, news directions, movies, sports, e-commerce, and local businesses can take advantage of this, public transport, travel, it’s invaluable. Blended search is the search engines trying to predict what it is you want when you want it and enabling the search engine results page not to be a list of things to find the answer but the search engines are trying to make the search engine results page the source for your answer

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