The Importance of Anchor Text in Back-links

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For any serious back linking strategy to be effective, each element needs to be executed with clear understanding of the ranking algorithms and great attention to detail. One of such details that is far too frequently mismanaged is the so called anchor text, content attached to inbound links that can be clicked on to follow the hyperlink. This small chunk of text carries great weight with the search engines and can affect overall SEO picture far more than one would assume, in addition to providing basic information about the contents that can be found on the landing page.

Major search engines construct their ranking formulas with explicit goal to ascertain relevance of the results displayed near the top of the page. Anchor text typically defines what the website in question is all about and that’s why it’s scanned for keywords by the search engine, boosting the rank on searches with the words located therein. While this factor alone is not sufficient for a great ranking on competitive keywords, it certainly contributes a lot of value and could tilt the scales in case of a close contest between two or more sites. Since preparing anchor text for each inbound link is not overly complicated or time-consuming, there is no excuse to forget about it.

In practice, that means anchor text should always be optimized according to main objectives of the general SEO strategy. As with other SEO techniques, choosing the right keywords is the first step that could jeopardize success of the entire operation if not conducted properly. The keywords contained in the anchor text should be ones that will actually be searched for by the prospective customers, as that is the best way to optimize the links with a focus on sales. Some companies could be tempted to use their brand names within the anchor, even though this is less effective than including names/descriptions of key products or services on offer. It is far better to research the market and include most frequently searched words relevant to the site than to automatically use company name or one of the specific product brands.

Of course, length of the anchor text should be kept within reasonable range of several words, limiting the number of key phrases that can be included. It also doesn’t make sense to include nothing but keywords, since the text should be accessible to web surfers as much as to search engines. Constructing a good anchor text should represent a balance between those concerns, which may require a professional hand to be done appropriately. Most digital agencies provide this type of service within the link building package, but it’s definitely a topic that should be discussed when SEO campaign is planned. Anchor text might be short and simple, but its name is symbolic of its role in the online marketing field – it holds together the entire inbound link structure, guarantees that all back links will fulfill their SEO purpose and keeps the website firmly pinned to the top of the results page.

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