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Be where your customers are and build a visible social media presence. Learn why the most valuable global brands are treating social media as a priority.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+ bring together hundreds of millions of users who are mutually interconnected. This provides unique opportunities for outreach towards new customers with no regards to geographic distances or language barriers. A well-crafted and well-executed social marketing campaign can launch a brand into global waters in a very short time, even on a limited budget. That’s why nearly every advertiser should consider including social media into the general marketing plan.


Informal tone of communication and constant, real-time flow of new messages act as catalysts to spontaneous spread of the best contents. Some campaigns quickly go viral after users start sharing them with their friends, empowering the advertisers to reach huge audiences in a very simple way that doesn’t require significant investment. Customers who are made aware of the brand through social media are likely to pay more attention to the product or service when they encounter it in stores, while in many cases they click on provided links immediately to visit advertiser’s home page.


There are different methods of using social media marketing to promote a brand. New players in the market like to rely on this channel to boost the size of their customer base and strengthen brand awareness, while more established companies typically use social media for user engagement and sales stimulation. No matter what the final objective is, online platforms offer fertile grounds for nurturing organic connection between the brand and the customers, but this connection must be continually cultivated in order yield favourable financial returns. Keep in mind that social media platforms promise nearly unlimited potential for global growth. The only question is whether your company is ready to interact with customers directly, with no intermediaries or delays.


Of course, it is anything but easy to capture the attention of the mass audience on social networks and most successful advertisers recruit professional help to achieve their goals. Social media marketing needs to be customised to fit primary target audiences while emphasising key brand values and promotional messages in clear and unambiguous terms. From idea to delivery, every step needs to be well-timed and executed to perfection in order for the ad to catch fire and starts spreading virally without further action on the part of advertisers. This is why professionally handled campaigns stand out in the crowd and tend to do better in terms of impact on revenues.


After so many years in the digital marketing field, SEO Edinburgh is one of the finest partners you can enlist for a social media campaign. We are able to analyse your business model, come up with a long-term plan for social media activities and put all the ideas into everyday practice without forcing you to spend a fortune. The results will soon be obvious, as communication on the social networks is instant and news about quality offers get passed around in no time. As our clients grow a more pronounced presence on major platforms over time, much of the online influence will start spilling over into the financial bracket as well.


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