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Advertising has gone digital and your business must follow. We possess the necessary know-how to take you through this amazing world of opportunities and help you connect with your customers through new, interactive channels.

Social Media Marketing

Be where your customers are and build a visible social media presence for your business. Learn why the most valuable global brands are treating social media as a priority.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Having your website ranked near the top of Google results page on key related searches is a fantastic shortcut for acquiring new customers. Getting to the top is not easy, but we know how to do it!

Advanced Web Analytics

Tracking the results in real-time is a guaranteed way to keep your marketing efforts cost-efficient. Advanced analytics tools provide all the answers, while our experts are there to put them in context

Email Marketing

In the digital era, e-mails are the primary way of communication for a large percentage of people. That’s why you want your offer delivered directly into their electronic mailboxes. 

Pay Per Click

You know exactly what you are paying for when you adopt pay-per-click advertising model. Get your PPC ads ready and drive customers to your website in a rational and budget-friendly way.

Content Strategy

Keep your customers engaged with a steady stream of interesting contents related to your brand and develop a lasting relationship with them. Content marketing allows you to do this very effectively.

Local Search Optimization

Most people are searching the web about products and services in their vicinity and you want to be the first solution they turn to. This can be true with a bit of planning and preparation

Maps Optimization

Visual data carries great significance in the contemporary culture. Embrace the new reality and optimise your presence on Google Maps to steer customers to your place of business.

Link Building & Content

Anchor your website’s ranking on major search engines with smart link building and content strategies. Enlist professionals to help spread your link network.

Paid Search Advertising

There is one certain way to get noticed in the search results – paying for the spot near the top of the page. Networks such as Google Adwords could offer a great investment.

Custom Website Design

Your website represents your company and needs to be both functionally and visually impressive. Our talented web designers can redesign your website and add e-commerce capacities.

Custom Email Design

Choose between custom templates for corporate e-mails created by our creative team and find one that goes hand in hand with your business style. Your customers will love the change!

Strategic vision meets practical skill

It is standard business practice at SEO Edinburgh to take the long outlook and think a few steps in advance. We can audit your website, identify weak spots and areas of opportunity and suggest a suitable strategy for realisation of your goals. To make things even better, we also have all the necessary expertise to turn the plan into a comprehensive online campaign that will make your brand more visible in the global marketplace.


Directing the flow of new online traffic towards your site, leading to conversions


Engaging customers through digital channels and prompting them to act now


Motivating customers to share information about your company 

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