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Having your website ranked near the top of Google results page on key related searches is a fantastic shortcut for acquiring new customers. Getting to the top is not easy, but we know how to do it!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a group of techniques focused on improving page rank of the promoted website, based on algorithms used by Google and other leading search engines to sort out the results. This procedure has become an essential element of online promotion, as customers increasingly rely on Google searches to make their purchasing decisions. Naturally, entries located near the top of the first page are the ones that get nearly all the traffic and consequently lead to conversions. Seen from this angle, SEO represents an art of conscious positioning of the website on the search results page for keywords related to its core business.


The first step is to identify the most relevant keywords and keyword combinations that are likely to be searched by potential customers. This can be done with advanced keyword research tools designed to calculate frequency of searches and level of competition, summed up for different regions, demographics or other parameters. Once that desired keywords are identified, it is possible to conduct a number of on-page and off-page activities that will allow Google to recognise the connection between the keyword and the website. Google does that by sending the “spider” software that probes websites on the web randomly and indexes the web according to its findings. Knowing how the process works, smart advertisers are able to optimise contents and metadata of their websites and increase their chances for a good ranking.


Of course, not all the methods applied by SEO experts are seen with approval by the search engines, and each algorithm has specific set of rules that are frequently updated to avoid abuse. Here at SEO Edinburgh, we use only “white hat” techniques that have been proven effective in practice and that will not result in penalties if discovered. That way, we ensure that our customers will stay on top of the search results list for a long time and that their listing will pop up on screens of users who are genuinely interested in the type of product or service offered. Once the initial goals are met, we maintain high ranking by recommending additional measures and creating new, optimised content that has all the right keywords in all the right places.


Don’t allow your website to remain buried under the pile of less worthy competitors who use SEO more aggressively. Consult with SEO Edinburgh to find out how to make your website more hospitable to the indexing bots and skyrocket up the page rank list. We have the expertise to assist clients with a number of great optimisation strategies along with practical experience that allows us to avoid costly mistakes on client’s behalf. When optimisation is done thoroughly and professionally, online traffic arriving through hits on search engines is bound to increase – and most of this traffic will be new customers who are looking for something related to your business.


In short, SEO helps users to find what they need while helping website owners sell their products. It is a definition of a win-win situation.


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