Digital Marketing Pricing Packages



Custom-made package for start-up companies, small enterprises and individual bloggers

                    PRICE PER MONTH

Starting small and expanding your marketing budget as you go along is a great way of keeping your expenses under control. Our Starter package is designed to give small clients a strong wind in the back without forcing them to overstretch their finances in the early stages of their market positioning. With us, smaller players stand a fair chance of getting ranked high on relevant Google searches and attracting large number of new visitors to their websites within a short time span.

Priced at just £199 per month, this package is well-rounded and includes basic SEO services and procedures every customer needs. The website will be optimized for the selected keywords and updated on a monthly level to ensure continued climb on the Google results page. While the package only scratches the surface of digital marketing possibilities, it is more than sufficient to cause a tangible difference in the customer’s annual financial report.



A balanced offer for up-and-coming companies with medium budgets and big aspirations

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Established companies wishing to fortify their online presence often choose our Small business package and work with us to cover a larger segment of the web. It includes more elements than the Starter package and aims higher in terms of final objectives, but remains affordable to most small businesses at only £499 per month. Since effects of coordinated marketing activities can be felt almost instantly, the package provides excellent value and is easily our most popular product.

Meticulous research of most relevant search terms and analyses of the competition within the same niche allow us to come up with a comprehensive SEO strategy we utilize to push customer’s website page rank up. With a wide range of targeted keywords and advanced on-page and off-page SEO operations, customers who take up this offer can significantly increase their online influence and accelerate their business growth. Most importantly, website traffic will eventually lead to increase in sales, which is the best-case outcome each customer would like to see.



Comprehensive package for companies that make no compromises when it comes to marketing

                      PRICE PER MONTH

For some companies, online environment is not just advertising space but also a place to sell products and services. Larger customers with significant e-commerce capacities are best served by our Enterprise package, which provides a possibility for total makeover of the website along with all associated promotional activities. Practical application of this method typically results in a massive improvement in website’s visibility and a permanent boost in the level of online traffic received.

Customers can expect full-service when they sign up for our best package deal. Our team takes care of every key aspect on customer’s online presence, from website audit and analysis of present-state parameters, through website redesign and content creation, to outreach through social media engagement, link building and other optimization techniques. With this type of service, it is possible to address multiple target audiences at the same time and include a larger number of keywords into the SEO campaign, opening up additional space for international impact. That’s why so many high-end customers believe that our Enterprise package is more than worth its £999 per month price tag.

Finally, we realise that you may be looking for a more flexible SEO solution. Perhaps you have a specific budget available for SEO, or would prefer to pay SEO costs on a one-off basis. In that case we will be happy to give you a free, no-obligation quote that is tailored to your business don't hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Search Engine Submission Necessary?

No, it isn’t mandatory to submit any information in order to be ranked on Google and other popular search engines. Google’s indexing software will find the website easily if there are any inbound links leading to it. Therefore, all you need to do to become a part of the searchable universe is to provide a single link to your homepage on any site that has already been indexed. Still, it is possible to register your site with search engines for free and you can opt to do this.

What’s The Deal With Paid Search Submission?

No fees should be charged for search submission and any person or company claiming otherwise is probably trying to scam you. Major search engines are capable of finding new websites as soon as they are linked to, and they also allow free submission of new websites to enable more comprehensive searching experience. With that in mind, it would be beyond ridiculous to pay a third-party to provide this basic service.


Can Any Inbound Linking Hurt My Ranking?

There is a simple explanation why inbound links can’t downgrade site ranking – it would be extremely easy to do it maliciously. Since website owners can’t control whether the competitors or anyone else uses their URL’s, it would be unfair to levy penalties for actions of third parties. At the other hand, large number of inbound links from reputable websites could significantly improve the ranking on Google.

Are Blogs Good for SEO?

Blogs are one of the most powerful weapons for website promotion, since they expose the site to a wider audience and bring additional chances for back links and social media mentions. It is possible to add a blogging section to the website or submit guest-blogging Sure thing, blog posts should be related to website’s core business and well-written for best impact on website’s page rank. In other words, you shouldn’t have a blog just to have it, but it’s a great publishing format in case you have something interesting to say.

How Do I Make My Site Search Engine Friendly?

In theory, search engines want the most relevant results returned for every search. Of course, since ranking is automated it is possible to take measures to improve the ranking of a website. Regular addition of fresh content containing frequently searched keywords is one of the fundamental methods used for this purpose, although other tactics may be used in parallel. Full list of SEO techniques is growing constantly as search engines keep refining their ranking algorithms.

Which keywords should I select?

The best keywords for search engine optimisation are words and phrases connected to your products and services that are commonly searched for by the customers. However, being too broad in selection can be dangerous since the competition is also likely to target the most popular keywords. It might be a good idea to use one of the free online tools for keyword research and identify the terms that make sense the most for your business.