Is Search Engine Submission Necessary?

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Instead of worrying about formal submission of their website data to major search engines, website owners would be wise to focus on optimization of their content. Modern search engines have evolved beyond the initial stage and now have automated methods for web indexing. Crawling bots are collecting fresh information about all websites they can find, so it isn’t really worth your time to do their job and send the info yourself. Even if direct submission of the site URL to Google, Yahoo or Bing doesn’t take a lot of time and doesn’t cost anything, it contributes very little in terms of practical value to the website.

However, business owners can influence how well their websites will be rated by the search engines on popular keywords by including certain elements into the contents of the website and conducting other SEO-friendly operations. Keyword research and content strategy are crucial tools in this respect if you want to strategically position the website in a certain niche market. Understanding of basic software principles used by search engines to index the pages thus becomes a valuable asset that can be used to drive additional traffic to the website.

Link building is one of the central pillars of SEO that ensures discovery of the website by crawlers and human users alike. This procedure call for placement of back links leading to the site on popular web locations, nesting the website firmly within the online community. In recent years, search algorithms are assigning more weight to number and quality of back links than to mere keyword density, due to concerns about relevance of the search results acquired by keyword stuffing and other “black hat” techniques. This is why effective link building is imperative for good SEO results, preferably through organic spread of relevant content on specialized websites and social networks.

Search engines are known to penalize websites that break some of the rules, for example those that use duplicate content or place irrelevant keywords in their metadata. Penalties may temporarily bring down website’s page rank, despite all efforts and resources spent on optimization, so this is a scenario that must be avoided at all costs. Good ranking in the search results is essential for the volume of traffic the website receives, but this needs to be accomplished in a sustainable way and not just for a few days. The best SEO campaigns take some time to develop, then start returning progressively more impressive results over time.

To sum up everything, submission of the website to the leading search engines won’t do any harm, but is unlikely to make a difference in itself. For maximum impact of an SEO campaign, it might be recommendable to hire a professional agency to come up with a sound strategy and a feasible delivery plan. Needless to say, only agencies with a proven pedigree should be taken into consideration, since many experts are promising instant climb to the top of Google’s results page with few verifiable arguments for their claims.

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