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In the digital era, e-mails are the primary way of communication for a large percentage of people. That’s why you want your offer delivered directly into their electronic mailboxes.

Access to information is constantly improving and we are accustomed to having all the latest news at our fingertips. With mobile devices of the latest generation supporting exchange of e-mails over the wireless networks, more people are using electronic messages daily than ever before. That’s why e-mail marketing is currently one of the most effective channels for sales promotions and brand building campaigns. Alternatively, mass e-mails can be used to stimulate cross-sell and up-sell drives, collect information about user preference, showcase a new website or mobile app, or accomplish a range of other business objectives.


Targeted e-mails can be a powerful weapon of choice for direct marketing, particularly suitable to establish first contact with customers. This is an inexpensive method of reaching mass audiences and spurring them into immediate action, creating traffic and possibly conversions for the advertisers. Just like traditional mail, e-mails are typically read in a private and relaxed atmosphere, which is a perfect setting to step forward with a great promotional offer. While some of the e-mails will certainly be ignored among all the incoming messages, a significant percentage will receive at least some attention, opening the space to leave a strong impression.


Promotional e-mails can be customised to include name of the recipient, increasing the chances that the message will be opened. While the delivery of the mail content is automated, it is possible to direct the campaign towards the selected demographics depending on the type of offer and stated objectives of the campaign. Needless to say, e-mails can contain hyperlinks that lead back to advertiser’s homepage or a dedicated page, where more detailed instructions about desired user actions can be placed. This way e-mail marketing can be tied in with other elements of online promotion, often representing the best available tool for enlargement of the primary customer base.


In addition to strengths of the offer, success of an e-mail marketing campaign largely depends on size and quality of the contact list. It is highly recommended to inquire regular customers about their e-mail addresses through convenient web forms on the website, but in order to acquire new business it is necessary to get your hands on some external lists. This is one reason why it pays off to find a reliable e-mail marketing partner capable of pushing your message far and wide, rather than attempting to perform this task in-house. Digital marketing is a game of big numbers and it always makes sense to invest a little bit into expanded access to potential customers, especially if cost per new customer is affordable.


Numerous clients who work with SEO Edinburgh on this type of campaign know how much additional value can be netted in this way. We have long experience in e-mail marketing and know all the tips and tricks that can increase the penetration rate of your campaign for a few extra points. Contact our e-mail marketing team to find out what benefits we can create for your business with our systematic approach and well-maintained customer mailing lists.


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