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You know your homepage is the most authoritative page on your site, right?!
And you know, you still need to optimise it, right?!

Not optimizing your homepage could make you lose a large amount of users who are just starting their search = high-quality traffic.


Using the Tools of the Trades

So, how to construct an SEO-friendly homepage in few-easy steps?

  • Explain to Google and humans visitors what your company does.
  • Design an intuitive, easily visible and in a logical sequence navigation to help visitors find what they need.
  • Answer any questions visitors can have through rich content, and social proof will assert your brands’ credibility.
  • Always include your logo on the navigation to reinforce your brand identity.
  • Explaining, clearly and exactly, what your company does lets Google understand the goal of your site and brand.


Doing it right!

We are heading into a dominant visual-centric rather than entirely textual medium, and we also know, that the majority of humans respond better to content that’s visual.

Nowadays, social proof of your brand is an essential component of a homepage. And we all need social proof signals, like, testimonials or reviews. And even add clients icons’,  another opportunity to use visuals. Your brand needs social credibility to have a positive impact.

How many relevant links do you have on your homepage?! They are usually positioned towards the bottom of the page and can act as streamlined navigation for the visitors.

And the most overseen detail is missing from many websites — the meta description of your homepage. The meta description is the ‘sense’ of a what the site is about. It helps potential prospects to learn quickly what to expect from the site, and it’s essential for search engines to understand a site.

Our last and equally relevant component is a clickable Call To Action, aka, CTA, the action you want people to take.


There are 3 rules:

  1. make it direct
  2. make it clear
  3. make it attractive

How to make it? You should use A/B testing to determine the ideal color scheme, positioning, etc.


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