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You know your homepage is the most authoritative page on your site, right?! And you know, you still need to optimise it, right?! Not optimizing your homepage could make you lose a large amount of users who are just starting their search = high-quality traffic.   Using the Tools of the Trades So, how to […]

Blended results are very important based on what type of business you are. Let’s look at blended results and see how you can take advantage of them. First of all blended results are based primarily on the intention of the searcher. Depending on the words searchers use, the search engines try to interpret what they […]

Understanding how search engines display results can be critical in developing the first stage of figuring out how search engines work. When looking at how results are displayed we organise the results into the three different categories. The first is organic results. Organic or what’s sometimes also called natural results are the results that come […]

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Search engine optimisation will dramatically impact the bottom line of any local business. Let’s look specifically at how it will increase and affect your business. The first difference that search engine optimisation has compared to any other type of marketing that you will do is that search engine optimisation is what’s called a pull medium. […]

Instead of worrying about formal submission of their website data to major search engines, website owners would be wise to focus on optimization of their content. Modern search engines have evolved beyond the initial stage and now have automated methods for web indexing. Crawling bots are collecting fresh information about all websites they can find, […]

Inbound links are a crucial element of every SEO strategy and can affect website’s visibility in a major way. However, unlike other SEO boosters such as keywords or metadata, inbound links can’t hurt your ranking in any way, regardless where they are coming from. The logic is very simple – website owner is responsible for […]

For any serious back linking strategy to be effective, each element needs to be executed with clear understanding of the ranking algorithms and great attention to detail. One of such details that is far too frequently mismanaged is the so called anchor text, content attached to inbound links that can be clicked on to follow […]

The whole point of an advertising campaign is to promote brand values in a way accessible to customers. However, integrating elements of branding with classic SEO carries a lot of hidden challenges that could slow down the process and endanger the outcomes. Each element follows its own set of rules and in certain situations these […]

Every detail matters when you are fighting for a good spot on the Google search results page, so SEO experts spend a huge amount of time obsessing about finer points of the online promotion principles. In most cases the extra attention is well justified and welcome, but in other situations there is no need to […]