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The Google algorithm is based on relevance. Relevancy is what page is most relevant for the words that the searcher has typed. Relevancy is based on a couple of things. It’s based on the content of the site, on the content of the page, it’s also based on the importance of the website. Importance is […]

When you know how search engines work you’ll have a proper understanding and expectation of how quickly things will happen, how they happen, and when changes will show up in the search engines. The first thing we need to know about how search engines work is there is a little thing called spiders. Spiders are […]

The keywords you use within your page title tag are the most important component, if you want to rank in Google. To learn search engine optimisation, the best teacher is simply evaluating the search engine results page. The search engine results page is going to show you what the search engines deem, as being the […]