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The Google algorithm is based on relevance. Relevancy is what page is most relevant for the words that the searcher has typed. Relevancy is based on a couple of things. It’s based on the content of the site, on the content of the page, it’s also based on the importance of the website. Importance is […]

For any serious back linking strategy to be effective, each element needs to be executed with clear understanding of the ranking algorithms and great attention to detail. One of such details that is far too frequently mismanaged is the so called anchor text, content attached to inbound links that can be clicked on to follow […]

The whole point of an advertising campaign is to promote brand values in a way accessible to customers. However, integrating elements of branding with classic SEO carries a lot of hidden challenges that could slow down the process and endanger the outcomes. Each element follows its own set of rules and in certain situations these […]

Every detail matters when you are fighting for a good spot on the Google search results page, so SEO experts spend a huge amount of time obsessing about finer points of the online promotion principles. In most cases the extra attention is well justified and welcome, but in other situations there is no need to […]

Whenever SEO techniques are discussed, main focus is on optimisation of content. This means selected keywords need to be placed throughout the pages of the website in a concerted effort to ensure good ranking for the chosen set of search terms. Textual content is most frequently a target of thorough optimisation simply because it is […]

Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving and further refining the ranking formula, which in turn leads to changes in SEO principles used by businesses to achieve better ranking. In this case, inbound linking will be affected by the introduction of new rules designed by Google to prevent mutual exchange of inbound links between two sites […]