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Tracking the results in real-time is a guaranteed way to keep your marketing efforts cost-efficient. Advanced analytics tools provide all the answers, while our experts are there to put them in context.

All online properties your company controls should be treated as an investment and their long-term value to your business should be assessed objectively. There is no need to keep investing into marketing channels that are ignored by the customers, but elements that are essential for new customer acquisition and user loyalty should be emphasised in the future. Answers of this kind can be obtained through smart use of advanced web analytics, a discipline that is becoming indispensable for digital advertisers.


Thanks to software tools used by our analysts, it is possible to track actions of your customers and measure the effectiveness of your promotional initiatives. By applying strict methodological criteria, we hope to capture prevalent trends in user behaviour and identify areas where certain improvements could be made. Objective audit of customer’s web presence often reveals both good and bad elements, providing us with sufficient information to draw conclusions and formulate a plan going forward. The customer is then advised how to adjust the website and other forms of online presence in order to facilitate more efficient communication with the outside world.


Understanding where the online traffic is coming from and how are users discovering the website is a good place to start. Some clicks are more likely to bring monetary value than others, but naked eye can’t decipher which users are the most valuable. Web analytics are the way to dig deeper into the statistics and analyse the traffic flow with a mind towards better delineation of primary and secondary target populations, based on realistic user preferences. Lessons learned through traffic analyses can later be used to initiate changes in the user interface, organise promotional campaigns, develop new products or adjust to market realities in any other manner.


In the online environment, all marketing activities should be carefully tracked from start to finish, measuring their tangible impact on number of visits to the websites and sales results. Tying each ad directly to changes in user behaviour that follow its publication, we are able to spot the most effective channels of communication and/or promo messages. Naturally, successful marketing methods deserve to receive a major part of available finances, while ideas that fail to move the needle in terms of conversions need to be downsized or terminated. Feedback gathered through analytic tools transforms advertising into exact science that doesn’t leave too much room for subjective opinions or biased conclusions.


High-end data analysis is one of the core services provided by the SEO Edinburgh agency, often representing the foundation for a multi-channelled marketing effort. We have the best people working with premium software tools to find out what is going on at your website and what can be done to bring the numbers to satisfactory level. With professional analytics savvy on your side, you can make sound business decisions based on confirmed facts and initiate proactive measures that take user opinions into account. Data-driven decisions usually lead to better financial results as well, so your investment in advanced web analytics is more than justified.


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